Elevating The Contracting Experience in Western Wyoming One Project At A Time

kitchen remodeled by JBC Construction Services

Breathe Life Into Your Vision

As a homeowner, it’s imperative that your communal and living spaces are comfortable and functional –
this applies to every aspect of your home. Whether it is renovating, remodeling, or building from the
ground up, JBC Construction Services will bring your vision to life.

An inviting space turns a small family gathering into a beautiful memory. A bathroom remodel creates a
spa-like environment for you to find solace after a busy day. A newly updated kitchen can turn your quiet
family dinners into quality time the entire family can enjoy.

Whatever your dream, JBC Construction Services will create it!

Design Reimagined

The design and layout of your home can affect its functionality as well as its aesthetic and overall feel. When your home means more than ever and space is at a premium, a properly designed home, or space within an existing home, can have a drastic impact on the daily lives of you and your family.

A perfectly curated floor plan can lead to an open and welcoming feeling while a well-thought-out kitchen design can create ease of access, better workflow, and storage for all of your culinary necessities. It’s time to explore all the possibilities that your home can be for your family.

basement remodeled by JBC Construction Services
living room remodeled by JBC Construction Services

Create Better Memories At Home

Home is the place where you and all your loved ones belong. Your most valuable memories happen here; holidays, birthdays, and celebrations all take place inside your treasured spaces. It’s truly your own – and this is why it’s crucial to have one that honestly reflects your style.

Through our simple and efficient process, JBC Construction Services will guide you from project concept to completion and beyond. Showcase your style with a new construction home, addition, renovation, or remodel.

This is your chance to enhance how you and your family live while creating lasting memories in a place
that makes everyone feel at home.

Our Services

From renovating or remodeling your current space, to designing a needed addition, or building a completely custom home from the ground up, we treat each project with the utmost care and dedication. Regardless of your vision, we're here to help you get the final results you want.

New Home Construction

kitchen Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Basement Remodeling

Home Renovations And Additions

Josh Beck owner of JBC Construction Services and associate Bridger Johnson

Elevating the Contracting Experience In Western Wyoming

JBC Construction Services was founded in May 2020. After working in the industry for several years, Josh and Bridger’s passion for renovating and remodeling fueled their desire to change the perception of contractors in Western Wyoming.

At JBC Construction Services, we offer an excellent experience with every project so that you can enjoy your home’s transformation. Our crew is hardworking, devoted, and determined to give you high-quality services, unmatched professionalism, and the specific results your home needs.

When you choose to work with us, count on transparency, integrity, and the drive to go the extra mile to meet your expectations.

How It Works

At JBC Construction Services, your project will be treated with utmost care and attention to detail. Our professional and skilled team is dedicated to giving you an amazing experience and the home you’ve always desired. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1. Get In Touch

Fill out our form and describe your project. Attach some photos as well so that we can understand your vision. We’ll get back to you with a phone consultation to talk more about your ideas and schedule an in-home consultation.

Step 2. We Get To Work

After the in-home consultation, where we discuss expectations and deadlines and answer any questions you may have, we’ll get to work. We’ll bring your ideal space to life promptly and professionally.

Step 3. Enjoy Your Improved Space

After the final touches are completed, we’ll do a final walkthrough to make sure every detail is spot on. Get ready to enjoy your new space and gather all your loved ones for a well-deserved celebration.

Project Gallery

Have a look at the gallery below to gain inspiration for your next home construction project. We've collected different styles and designs to showcase the possibilities of what your home can be. Feel free to challenge us with any vision you have, and JBC Construction Services will make it happen for you.

Here’s What Our Customers Say…

When working with JBC Construction Services, your needs and desires will always be the top priority. It's your home, after all, so it only makes sense that you want it in good hands! Read how other homeowners like you enjoyed the experience of working with us.


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